sexta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2010

Novidades na Biblioteca Antroposimetrica

Environmentalism Brazil: Between Domestic Identity and Response to International Challenges - Alonso & Clémençon

Indigenous People and Conservation - J. Alcorn

Indigenous Knowledge for Biodiversity Conservation - F. Berkes

Biodiversity Datadiversity - G. Bowker

Scribble (Writing Power) - Derrida

The Challenges of Interculturality: indigenous people and sustainable development subprojects in Brazilian Amazonia - P. Little

Introdução ao Pensamento Complexo - Edgar Morin

Conservation and Development alliances with the Kayapó of south-eastern Amazonia - B. Zimmerman & T. Turner

Piercing Distinctions: the making (and Re-making) of Social Contract in the Northwest Amazon - J. Chernela

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