sábado, 16 de abril de 2011

Ontologia Política em Mol

“(…) an object that is hidden underneath the skin. An object that may be approached in various ways, that shows a variety of aspects, but that in the end is one. There it is, and suddenly is no longer seems to be a part of practice, but a referent in a pre-existing reality: overwhelmingly real. At such moments doubt is smothered and certainty is being manufactured. (…) In contrast with the universalistic dreams that haunt the academic philosophical tradition, the world we live in is not one: there are a lot of ways to live. They come with different ontologies and different ways of grading the good. They are political in that the differences between them are of irreducible kind. But they are not exclusive. And there is no we to stand outside or above them, able to master them or choose between them: we are implied. Action, like everything else, is enacted, too”.

The  Body Multiple: ontologies in medical practices - Annemarie Mol

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Mary Leen disse...

I and my boyfriend are from Ireland and we follow your blog. Thanks for your posts in english! We are not anthropologists, but we love the subject of science and technology. Grate job!

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