quarta-feira, 13 de abril de 2011

Objectivity - Lorraine Daston & Peter Galison

"Scientific objectivity has a history. Objectivity has not always defined science. Nor is objectivity the same as truth or certainty, and it is younger than both. Objectivity preserves the artifact or variation that would have been erased in the name of truth; it scruples to filter out the noise that undermines certainty. To be objective is to spire to knowledge that bears no trace of the knower - knowledge unmarked by prejudice or skill, fantasy or judgment, wishing or striving. Objectivity is blind sight, seeing without inference, interpretation, or intelligence. Only in the mid-nineteenth century did scientist begin to yearn for this blind sight, the 'objective view' that embraces accedents and asymmetries (...). This book is about how and why objectivity emerged as a new way of studying nature, and of being a scientist".

Objectivity  - Daston & Galison

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