terça-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2011

T. Ingold - Phenomenology & Science

"From a phenomenological standpoint, by contrast, the world emerges with its properties alongside the emergence of the perceiver in person, against the background of involved activity. Since the person is a being-in-the-world, the coming-in-to-being of the person is part and parcel of the process of coming into-being of the world. (...) Yet the scientist, like everyone else, is a being-in-the-world, and scientific practice, as any other skilled activity, draws unselfconsciously upon the avaible. Thus even science, however detached and theoretical it may be, takes place against a background of involved activityin. (...) These relationships, and the sensibilities built up in the course of their unfolding, underwrite our capacities of judgement and skills of discrimination, and scientists - who are human too - depend on this capacities and skills as much as do the rest of us. That is why the sovereign perspective of abstract reason, upon which Western science lays its claim to authority, is practically unattaible: an intelligence that was completely detached from the conditions of life in the world could not think the thoughts it does".

T. Ingold - The Perception of the Environment: essays in livelihood, dwelling and skill      

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