sábado, 12 de fevereiro de 2011

Novidades na Biblioteca Antroposimétrica!

Novos Textos Foram disponibilizados na biblioteca antroposimétrica (acessar no link ao lado):

Indigenous Knowledge and western science: the possibility of dialogue - Bala e Joseph
Humains et non-humains: un bilan d'etape de la sociologie des collectifs - Barbier e Trepos
The fractal Geometry of Mandelbrot - Anthony Barcellos
The Politics of Technology - Marc Berg
Fractal Dimension of Landscapes - Burrough
Scince, Nationalism, and colonial contestation: hindu chemistry - Chakraborty
Sciences sociales et lutte nationale dans le territoires ocuupés palestiniens - V. Romani
Merton's Contribution to the sociology of science - Stephen Cole
The Fold - Deleuze e J. Strauss
The Image of Objectivity - L. Daston e P. Galison
How Inevitable are the Results of Successful Science? - Ian Hacking
Why "Bitter Cassava? Productivity of "Bitter" and "Sweet" Cassava in a Tukanian Indian Settlement in the Northwest Amazon - Wilson e Dufour
Os Cultivares de Mandioca na Área do Uaupés (Tukano) - J. Chernela
Phylogeography and the origin of Cassava: new insights from the northern rim of the Amazonian basin - Léotard et all.
Shamanism or Science? - Gottlieb e Borin
Os Tambores do Antropólogo: Antropologia Pós-Social e Etnografia - M. Goldman
Concrete Topographies - M. Strathern

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