segunda-feira, 16 de julho de 2012

Myth and Science - Lévi-Strauss

"A supernatural world thus exist again for humans. Thought physicists' calculations and experiments demonstrate its reality, these experiments take on meaning only when transcribed in mathematical language. In a layperson's eyes (that is, to almost the whole of humankind), this supernatural world offers the same properties as that of myths: everything in it happens differently than it would in the ordinary world, and more often upside down. For the man in the street, for all of us, this world remains out of reach, except through the means of ancient modes of thinking that the scientist consents to restore for our use (and sometimes, regrettably, for his own). In the least expected manner, the dialogue with science makes mythological thinking actual again."

Claude Lévi-Strauss  - The Story of Lynx    

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Bob disse...

Dear Diego,

Check out Faith, Physics and Psychology: Rethinking Society and the Human Spirit, by John Fitzgerald Medina. Bahá'í Publishing Trust, Wilmette, Il, 2006, 537 pages. I'm using parts of it in a course I teach at UnB, and the director of the School of the Nations, Lisa Perskie, has gone into considerable depth in a PowerPoint based partly on the book, which a group of us plan to study beginning this week (at her house in Lago Sul). Are you still in Brasilia?
Robert Walker

Diego Soares da Silveira disse...

Dear Robert, thanks for the tip. I will look it out at some point. The discussion seems very interesting... I am not at Brasília any more, know I am teaching at the federal university of Uberlandia (Triângulo Mineiro, Minas Gerais). Good to hear from you, abraços.

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