quarta-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2010

Translation - J. Law

"Translation: the pun works best in the Romance language: traductore-tradittore, traduction-trahison, to translate is to betray. To translate is to connect, to displace, to move, to shift from one place, one modality, one form, to another while retaining something. Only something. Not everything. While therefor losing something. Betraying whatever is not carried over. The only way to avoid betrayal is to mimic. No, even that is not good enough. To mimic is to move, to displace throught time. The only way to avoid betrayal is to achieve identity. To be whatever it was, where it was, and whenever it was. Such is the dream of communion, intellectual, ecstatic, religious, erotic. Dreams have there place but this particular dream does not have much of a role to play in a world of oscillation between singularity and multiplicity, interference, and partial connection. Either that or, worse, it is panacea".

John Law - Aircraft Stories              

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